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HackthebankParis first edition : a quick summary

We all gathered on a gloomy November Saturday morning for the first edition of HackTheBank in Paris.

I took part of the organization with the folks from La Mutinerie,  OpenBankProject and Anatec (a Paris based quantitative portfolio management tool).

We were around 50 people (I have to admit mostly men). I was really happy to see that we had teams coming from Berlin and London. Thank you very much to all the participants.

You can see the ambiance of the day thanks to that quick video (thank youy Masha for filming and editing)

quick video summary of HackThebank Paris #1


The day started with a presentation of the API providers that were kind enough to send people to present the API and help the teams during the day.

The APIs present were : Mangopay (a white label wallet for C2C marketplaces),  The CurrencyCloud (and API for currency exchange), Mailjet a mail sending API, CozyCloud (a personal cloud with PFM capabilities) , OpenBankProject (an opensource middleware for large banks), Nexmo an SMS API and last but not least the great new API by the team of Webshell to easily manage the Oauth authentication.

After the presentation it was time for the quick pitch to promote the project they wanted to work on for the day. After some exchanges and discussions we had 10 teams ready to code the projects for the rest of the day:

  • PayFair : a group splitting payment solution with a nice trick. If you’re late paying back your friends, you pay interests. Those interests then go to an NGO, choice of the one that advanced the funds.
  •  The standard and Poors of Cryptocurrency. With the explosion of  cryptocurrencies (yes there is other cryptocurrencies and not only Bitcoin), we’ll need trusted third party to rate the level of trust in those currencies.
  • Trigger : the ifttt of bank accounts. A nicely designed automatic banking alogorithm. Used Anatec, Mangopay, And they made a nice presentation

Trigger, HackTheBankParis1

  • Naabu : a recurring payment solution but more built towards the consumer market. Project looked good but unfortunately the team gave up before the presentation because of a long party the night before. Thank you for coming and building stuff anyway.
  • Tutorsbox : Bitcoin as a bonus for student. Tutorsbox is a whiteboard tool for students. During the hackaton they worked on the development of an incentive for students based on bitcoins;
  • Uses Mangopay, mailjet, coinbase, mtgox APIs.
  • Currency Holyday : A nice group paying application for groups that go on holyday in a foreign country. Managed the “I owe You” between the different members and of course the currency exchange as 2 of the team members where from the Currency Cloud. Used, Mangopay and The Currency Cloud.
  • Opentax : just give your bank account details to a PFM, it will get how much you pay in Taxes and then tells you how much of your taxes went to education or military. Nice job by a developer that was alone.
  • Toutestrelatif : same idea with OpenTax but here you can compare how much you earn with how much is earning let’s say a nurse in Russia or Tiger Woods. Cool idea by the team of Cozycloud.
  • Living : a team of 3 developers that came directly from London and worked on a really nice banking interface that remind me of Simple. The demo they showed us looked really nice. They came to test different APIs like OpenBankProject or TheCurrencyCloud. And this is the main goal of a hackaton, play around with different APIs you can test for different projects.
  • Transaction Search : Finally Simon from OpenBankProject showed us his  afternoon work with search on large number of banking transactions thanks to the Amazon Elastic cloud API.

All the projects are available here ( ) and all the team that participated are welcome, if they want, to add anything related to their project (Github, screenshot…)

For the final presentation of the projects we even had some guests that came from the innovation department of different large banks to see the ideas of the day. We then had some wine and food and networked for the rest of the evening.

I want to thank all the participants that took on their private time to come to the events, all the people that helped in the organization of the event and of course all the sponsors that paid for the food, drinks and venue :

  •  MangoPay a white label wallet for marketplaces
  •  the Paris Fiancial services cluster that sponsored and one of the member of the team was here most of the day. Thank you
  • XAnge Private Equity : a VC fund based in Paris and Munich investing in tech company and in FinTech companies (and it is my employer so thank you to my boss!)
  • Mailjet : a cloud emailing platform that support most of the hackaton in Paris!
  • TheFamily : the « coolest » Paris based accelerator program.

I really hope everyone was happy with the day they spent. On my side I had a great day and of course we did not have groundbreaking startup or ideas that came out of the day but that is not the idea. The idea is to have a bunch of people gathering for a full day, networking and testing different APIs. The idea is to have business partnership starting, the idea is to roll the dices as much as possible.

Long live the #Fintech scene !

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API et Darwinsime

en 1999 les gens disait pourquoi je devrais avoir un site web, 3 ans après tout le monde avait un site web, en 2009 les gens disent pourquoi je devrais avoir une API, 2 ans après tout le monde est en train de construire son API….

J’ai eu la chance d’aller au Web2expo à San-Francisco le printemps dernier. Et la meilleure présentation que j’ai vue pendant ces 3 jours autour des tendances du web est celle de Sam raji le directeur stratégie d’APIGEE, un des acteurs du web qui se positionne sur la gestion des API (avec Mashery et 3scale). Ce sont les petits malins qui à l’heure de la ruée vers l’or se contentent de vendre les pelles et le pioches !

Ce qui est excellent dans cette présentation est le parallèle qui est fait entre les API et Darwinisme, ou comment en ouvrant l’accès à son SI interne ou à ses données, une entreprise facilite la création de nouvelles branches de sa lignée qui seront probablement les plus résistantes dans les environnements futurs.

Je n’ai rien à ajouter plutôt que de vous dire de regarder ces slides et surtout de laisser tourner la vidéo en parallèle avec les commentaires de l’auteur en personne.

Darwin’s Finches, 20th Century Business, and APIs. Evolve Your Business Model: (Sam Ramji’s Web 2.0 Expo Talk) from Apigee on Vimeo.

Et bien sûr pour tout savoir sur les API on ne présente plus l’indispensable ProgrammableWeb (racheté cette année par Alcatel-Lucent, tiens tiens…)

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